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About JBJ Companies

JBJ Companies, Inc. has been a trusted name in building and development for 60+ years in Southeastern Wisconsin. Since its inception, JBJ Companies has built and managed several desirable residential communities, developed thoughtfully planned subdivisions, built countless custom homes and constructed and manage commercial space. Quality control and customer service are the foundation upon which the company was built and continues to be our number one priority.

The goal of JBJ Companies, Inc. is to continue to hone the building industry expertise attained and passed from one generation to the next while maintaining the strong values the company was built upon. Our focus will continue to be on communities in Southeastern Wisconsin, where we have cultivated strong community ties and worked hard to establish an ironclad reputation for dependability and quality. Our commitment is to continue to deliver the highest quality service, meet every deadline and deliver on our promise. We strive to remain a valuable and trusted resource in our communities.

JBJ Companies, Inc. Management Team

The next generation of leadership officially took the reins of JBJ Companies, Inc. in 1992, providing a cohesive vision of the company’s trajectory for the past 25 years. The three managing partners include siblings Brian J. Bence, Theresa Weitermann and Scott Bence, all of whom grew up actively engaged in the business. They have concentrated on their unique areas of expertise, their collective talent forming a highly effective collaboration. Founder Jerome “Chip” Bence, who had guided the growth of the business and scope of its operations for the prior 30 years, mentored his children to continue the vision, as his father did before him. Since taking the reins, the three siblings and partners have consistently navigated JBJ Companies, Inc. through changing tides of the real estate and development market, solidifying the foundation for the next generation of leadership.

Brian J. Bence serves as President of JBJ Companies, Inc. He was the first one of the second generation to join his father’s company, in 1990. Brian graduated from U.W. Whitewater with a Bachelor Degree in Finance and Real Estate and is a current member of the Metropolitan Builders Association. He cultivated his role as the primary construction manager who oversees all new development and construction projects. Brian remains passionate about his role within the company and the building industry in general. “The gratification I get from seeing a construction project go from a concept on a piece of paper, then watching the trades build the project, and then being able to walk through the final project, never gets old. I can’t wait to start the next one.”

Theresa Weitermann joined the company in 1991, following 4 years of working at a Big 6 accounting firm. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from U.W. Whitewater with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting, and holds a CPA license. She was also one of a select group of students recognized nationally as an Elijah Watt Sells recipient for high achievement on the CPA exam. As Treasurer of JBJ Companies, Teri oversees the financial and internal operations for all departments and projects.

Scott Bence joined JBJ Companies in 1993, upon which the transition of management and ownership to the next generation was complete. Scott graduated from U.W. Whitewater with a Bachelor Degree in Finance and Real Estate and is a member of the National Association of Realtors, Wisconsin Realtors Association, Metropolitan Builders Assocation, as well as the Wisconsin Self Storage Association. He manages all sales of custom homes, condominiums and land, in addition to the leasing of commercial and retail space. Scott also handles most property purchases and oversees the initial stages of construction and development, which includes working with architects, engineers, and municipalities to get projects approved. Scott’s passion outside of the building and development business extends to competitive skiing, water sports, and golf.

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