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Maintenance Tips

J.B.J. Properties does not plunge toilets for its tenants. Tenants are to purchase and keep handy a plunger for such occasions. If tenant can not unplug toilet there will be a maintenance charge to unplug the toilet. Do not use chlorine based tablets in the tank, they break down the rubber components in the tank.

Tenants are responsible for replacing the batteries in the garage door opener or key pad if they should fail. Tenant is also responsible for replacing the batteries in their smoke detector. Please test your smoke detector at least twice a year. After changing the battery, if the smoke detector is inoperable, contact the office immediately for service.

Garbage disposals are to be reset by the tenant when it jams. Tenants should insert the provided allen wrench into the bottom of the disposal, turn continuously to loosen up material, then push the red reset button on the bottom of the disposal, turn water on before starting disposal, NEVER USE HOT WATER. Slowly add food to disposal, keep running water afterwards to clear line. Never add the following to disposal: egg shells, bones, poultry fat, celery, lettuce, carrot shavings or any leafy/stringy foods, and potato peelings. These items tend to bind up and cause costly plumbing back-ups. If in doubt, throw it in the trash.

Garage or Apartment Lock-outs:
Generally, lockouts are not an emergency. If a tenant should become locked out of their unit during J.B.J.'s business hours, please come to the office with identification to get a key. The key must be immediately returned to our office. If a tenant cannot access their garage because the key pad is not working, replace the battery in the key pad. 

If a tenant is locked out of their unit after J.B.J. hours, the tenant may call the emergency number and if emergency service is able to respond, the tenant must have identification and $50.00 in cash before someone can come and let the tenant into the unit or open the garage. If emergency service cannot respond, the tenant ma call a locksmith for apartment re-entry at their own expense; however the locksmith may only unlock the unit and cannot change the lock. Any damage to the property will be charged back to the tenant.

Furnace Filters:
Tenants at the Woods and Seasons Apartments are responsible for the replacement of their furnace filters. The tenants must remember to clean their furnace filter in March and October every year. You can use a mild soap and water to clean the filter. Or, if you prefer, you may purchase a replacement filter at your local hardware store such as Menards or Fleet Farm. The size is 16" x 25" x 1".

If insects, such as ants, flies and spiders, are noticed, purchase and use common household bug sprays and traps. We recommend Ortho Home Defense to control insects. If after continuous attempts to control these insects have been unsuccessful, contact J.B.J. for further instructions.
If insects, such as roaches, water bugs and mites, are noticed, please call J.B.J. immediately.
Tips to prevent insects:
1. Keep all floors and counters clean.
2. Do not leave food out. Any crumbs or food droppings will attract ants.
3. Inspect all screens and windows. Check to see if there are any rips in the screens or if the windows are not properly sealed.
4. Do not leave doors open. Leaving any door open, whether it is a screen door, patio door or entry door allows insects the opportunity to come into the unit.

Range: Be sure to clean up all spills and grease immediately to prevent fires and electrical shorts. Any damages to the unit caused by poor housekeeping practices will be billed back to tenant.

Dryer: Clean lint traps after every load no matter how small to maintain proper performance of dryer and to prevent clogged vent lines.

Washer: Do not overload the water with large items like blankets/comforters. Overloading can damage the suspension system and poor cleaning ability. Take these items to a Laundromat.

Wall  Air Conditioners: A/C filters should be cleaned on a regular basis in the cooling months so your a/C will perform efficiently. A/C covers are not provided but can be purchased at local hardware stores such as Menards or Fleet Farm.

Water Heater: Please check water heaters periodically. If water accumulation is noticed in the pan, please call the office for service.

Exhaust Fan: Run exhaust fans and ceiling fans whenever possible to control moisture build-up and condensation on windows.

Light Bulbs:
Tenant is responsible for all light bulb replacement in their apartment or garage during their occupancy. If tenant provides bulbs and requests maintenance to install there is no maintenance fee. If maintenance needs to provide bulbs and install then there is a a flat $3.00 charge per bulb plus $5.00 billing fee.

Furnace/Air Conditioning Thermostat:
For apartments with central air units the thermostats should be set at "Auto" and "Heat" for heat or "Auto" and "Cool" for air conditioning. "Fan On" will allow the fan to run non-stop regardless if it is on heat or cool.

Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors:
The following buildings contain a combination smoke & carbon monoxide detector in their unit:
Country View ~ Montgomery Square (Buildings 14, 15, 18, 19 and 20) ~ Woods ~ Seasons
These are required in units that have fuel burning appliances (gas) or that have an attached garage (even if no fuel burning appliances). There may also be a separate smoke detector in addition to the combination unit depending on the unit.  You should be familiar with where your detectors are located and what the alarms sound like. The combination units have a different  should and number of beeps for smoke verses carbon monoxide. There are also different sounds for a low battery or unit failure verses the actual alarm. It is recommended that you test your detector(s) at least twice a year and replace the batteries when necessary. If your smoke detector is not operating after replacing the battery, please notify J.B.J. for service. Calling 911 is the recommended course of action if either alarm sounds. In addition, you should not let your car run in your garage, even with the garage door open. Please move your car to an outside stall while letting in warm up. 

No hibachi, electric, gas or charcoal grill or other similar device used for cooking and/or heating shall be used on any balcony, under any overhanging portion of the building or within 10 feet of any structure. Electric grills are allowed in West Bend only.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call J.B.J. Properties at 262-255-1800 Press 3 for Maintenance 
or the Seasons model office at 262-820-0627.